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Super Humans

Guest Post By Alicia Faehrmann

An old friend once asked me if I could have a superpower what would it be? And I replied with something along the lines of once you realise how hard it is to have a ‘normal’ life, you’ll know that just to be human is itself super. Long before I knew I had polycystic kidney disease, I was taught how to live with a disease by the example of other people in my life who suffer from chronic illnesses.

The first person who comes to mind is my mum, diagnosed with lupus at 26. She too suffers symptoms of hypertension and chronic pain and also has arthritis. In spite of it all she constantly pushes herself to be generous with others. While looking after dad and raising four kids, she was often the first port of call for my grandparents whenever they needed anything and would never refuse them. She is also the most reliable person I know, often agreeing to help out a friend here and there, never failing to through regardless of how worn out she is.

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