In Memory

At PKDA we know how precious time is with our loved ones and understand how it feels to lose someone close due to PKD, a disease that is passed from parent to child. More than 6000 Australian families are affected by PKD and at PKDA we are dedicated to finding a cure.

Donating in memory of a loved one is a very special way of honouring them, and many families find some comfort in raising funds for medical research into treatments and ultimately a cure for PKD. Donating in memory makes a lasting difference.

Ways you can make a gift in memory

1) Gifts at Funerals in Lieu of flowers If you would like to invite friends and family to donate to the PKD Foundation of Australia in lieu of flowers, you may wish to include this request or one similar in your loved one’s funeral notice: “In lieu of flowers, please make a donation in memory of …………………… to PKD Foundation of Australia Limited (PKD Australia), P.O. Box 20, Roseville, NSW 2069” You can ask your funeral director to contact or you can contact Judi Cornell by email: to arrange for PKD Australia “In Loving Memory” envelopes to be available at the funeral. 2) An Online Tribute Page You can create your own “In Memory” page that you can personalise and share with your family and friends so they can make donations simply, and online. It is simple to create and is a special way to commemorate your loved one and allows family, friends and colleagues to leave a personal message of love and support on the page with their online donation.

Thank you for choosing to support PKD Australia.