Research Overview

Currently no cure exists for Polycystic Kidney Disease. Scientists and researchers around the world are actively working to understand the genetic and pathological processes involved in PKD and find interventions and treatments that slow the progression of PKD, with the hope to one day cure this genetic condition. PKD Australia directly supports research into PKD by providing research grants and travel scholarships and forming strategic partnerships to access greater funding for PKD research.

PKD Australia has allocated $300,000 across 11 grants in just 3 short years. These grants are integral in funding research (link to “Our Researchers”) that is changing the future of PKD, and are only possible thanks to the generous donations we receive.

As the only organisation dedicated to PKD in Australia our vision is to fund research to find a cure for PKD, Connect and support people and their families affected by PKD and educate Australians about PKD.

DONATE NOW to ensure that we can continue to offer funding to the amazing researchers working on finding a cure for PKD.